Circular Economy

The NEC is more and more involved in the Circular Economy (CE). As a connecting actor, the NEC brings together the government, NGO’s, SME’s and the public in and outside the Netherlands. This integrated approach is needed if we want to make the transition towards a Circular Economy successful. In doing so, the NEC strongly focuses on the chances of international trade relations between Dutch and foreign enterprises.

We from the NEC believe that first the awareness should sharpened in order to have the support and involvement from both consumers and producers in becoming circular. To do so, we organise seminars and expositions together with interested parties such as with RVO, embassies, chambers of commerce, branch and trade organisations. The NEC is active in all sectors, but strongly focuses on the Agro & Food, Horti and Creative sector through many years of experience and expertise in these sectors.

A good example of an activity that the NEC has organised to further create awareness is the Dutch Design Lounge in the theme of Upcycling & Functional Redesign during the Biennale Kortrijk in 2018. The goal of this exposition was to address the magnitude of waste flows and what can be remade out of these flows. The NEC is now reusing this Dutch Design Lounge at different fairs throughout the world as a plug and play concept.

The main focus of the NEC is to actively assists Dutch and foreign enterprises in doing and creating international business. The NEC organises incoming and outgoing trade missions CE-wide, but also for specific subsectors such as Waste Management or the Agrofood System. In 2016 we have organized a trade mission to Australia in which a Dutch CE-delegation joined.

For more information on the services of the NEC, please contact Joost van Dam or Steven Smit.