21 June 2017

Review: Successful visit consultant from Jordan 2017

The Netherlands Export Combination (NEC) was appointed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Dutch Embassy in Amman to organize the incoming visit of a Jordan representative to the Netherlands.

In two weeks he visited 39 companies and 6 branch organizations from the sectors chemistry (cosmetics, chemicals, plastics and printing and design), wooden furniture and electronics and engineering.

During the appointments the possibilities in the Jordan market and the interest for a possible trade mission to Jordan were discussed.




The consultant represented a total of 71 Jordanian companies from the sectors mentioned above. Every Dutch company had the opportunity to discuss the opportunities in Jordan, to discuss the possibilities for a future cooperation and to ask further questions.

After meeting all the companies and branch organizations, it can be concluded that almost all companies were open for a possible cooperation with Jordan companies. Mainly companies from the sectors plastics, wooden furniture, design and printing and signing showed a noteworthy interest in the Jordanian market. Also, the companies reacted enthusiastic about a possible trade mission to Jordan in October.

Both the Netherlands Export Combination (NEC) and the Jordan representative are able to look back on highly successful meetings that can contribute to the business relation with Jordan.


For further information or questions, please contact Wendy Bakker or Sylvia van der Horst.