1 May 2019

Review outgoing trade mission Horti sector Chile 2019

The Netherlands Export Combination organised a trade mission for the Horticultural sector to Chili in march 2019. This was done in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce Chili-Netherlands and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Chili. The delegation consisted of ten companies which offered among others solutions for greenhouse building, water storage, agri software, peatmoss and substrates.

Seminar Horticultuur in Chili en kansen op de Chileense markt

The first day of the trade mission started with a seminar Horticulture in Chile and chances in Chilean market. During the seminar Francisco Rossier of Transforma Alimentos revealed only 2% of all cultivation is done in greenhouses and also that 84% of horticulture in Chile is concentrated in the centre of the country. Furthermore, Imre Overeem from Koppert Biological Systems and Alejandra Arenas from Rijk Zwaan explained that most Chilean people show risk-avoiding behaviour and usually do not apply the latest technologies right away in their greenhouses. The second part of the day, the delegation visited different organizations and companies. At the meeting with the Frauenhofer institute it became clear that recently more horticultural developments are taking place in the region of Arica, near the border with Peru.

The second day revolved around field visits. Especially the visit to Grupo Hijuelas was valuable for the Dutch companies, as it give a good idea of the Chilean products and working methods. Grupo Hijuelas begun with the production of ornamental plants, but nowadays it has grown and diversified into different areas and services. Among other products it now supplies blueberries and hazelnuts.

Visiting Grupo Hijuelas

The last two days of the mission were planned for the individual matchmaking. Every Dutch company met with about 10 Chilean growers to discuss the possibilities for working together. The Dutch were very positive about the quality of the matches and the first results it generated. One of the participants was asked to make quotations for almost all Chilean growers!

The trade mission was a success, many new contacts were established and follow up is expected. More than half of the participants is already planning a second visit to Chile, probably still in 2019.

We from the NEC would like to thank all participating companies and cooperation partners. For more questions about the follow-up mission or the developments in Chile please contact Steven Smit.