12 March 2019

Review outgoing trade mission Agro sector Uganda 2019

The Netherlands Export Combination and AgriProFocus Uganda organized a trade mission for the Agro sector commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Netherlands Embassy in Uganda for the second year straight. The mission was a success! Not only do the Dutch companies have a better view of the market developments in the Ugandan agricultural sector, but above all these companies gained valuable contacts and business partners for setting up export.

The mission took place from 13 to 17 February and revolved around participation in the Harvest Money Expo with a Holland Village. Fourteen Dutch companies and 15 Dutch-Ugandan companies active in dairy, poultry, horticulture and storage were present.
The Holland Village further complement with farmers from the Best Farmer Competition 2018, a program initiated by the Netherlands embassy in Kampala.

Opening Holland Village by ambassador Henk Jan Bakker

Two days prior to the Harvest Money Expo the Dutch companies visited several farms throughout Uganda. The Dairy group went to Visit Mbarara in South West Uganda which is known as a cattle/dairy region. Upon arrival the group was informed about the developments in the sector by SNV. Hereafter the group visited a farm and spoke with potential business partners on dairy installations and breeding programs. The poultry group met with a some large owners of chicken farms around Kampala. These farms just as the entire poultry sector is growing rapidly, and the Dutch companies know how to assist in the professionalization process. De remaining Horticultural and gricultural companies visited some interesting growers in the region of Entebbe.

Chore-Time explaining types of poultry equipment                                                 

The last three days of the mission were entirely dedicated to the Holland Village during the Harvest Money Expo. The Harvest Money Expo received double the amount of visitors compared with last year, reaching a total of 27.374 visitors. Also in the Holland Village there was a constant flow of traffic more than last year. According to exhibitor Holland Greentech this was partly due to the set-up of the Holland Village. Exhibitor eProd Solutions already had more visitors the first day in comparison to the entire three days last year.

Vice-president of Uganda Edward Ssekandi stopping by

De Holland Village not only attracted a lot of visitors, but above all created new chances for the exhibitors. This was stimulated by the matchmaking that was organized during the Expo. Besides that the participants had the opportinuty to present themselves and the company during the masterclasses. As a result, new ideas were exchanged with possible new business partners to further develop the Uganda agriculture with the assistance of Dutch companies.

A lot of visitors in the Holland Village during the three day Expo

Overall we look back on a successful trade mission. We hereby thank all participating companies and partners. For questions regarding this trade mission or any other relating matter you could contact Joost van Dam or Steven Smit.