26 October 2018

Review – Dutch Design Lounge Biennale Kortrijk

On the Biennale Kortrijk 2018 the Netherlands Export Combination in partnership with the Dutch Embassy in Belgium organized a Dutch Design Lounge in the theme of Upcycling & Functional Redesign. It was a great success!

The Dutch Design Lounge showcased the international audience the Netherlands is a frontrunner in transforming circular concepts into stunning designs. The ten selected creations covered a broad array of possibilities in Upcycling & Functional Redesign which inspired the visitors as well as exhibitors. Some visitors even claimed the Dutch Design Lounge had the most surprising and value-driven stand on the entire exhibition in Kortrijk.


The Dutch ambassador in Belgium Maryem van den Heuvel visted the Dutch Design Lounge to meet and talk with the ten Dutch Designers. She was amazed by the diversity of the creations, whether it were remade ceramics, reused fish skin and building rubble or redesigned working clothes, wool, stadium seats, jeans and transport crates. She praised the perseverance with which the designers work to make these transformations possible.


The Netherlands Export Combination (NEC) is always pushing young Dutch designers to expand internationally and to show the world what drives these designers in contributing to a more sustainable and creative world. If you are interested in one of the ten designers or if you would like the NEC to organize a Dutch Design Lounge in a certain theme (e.g. Upcycling & Functional Redesign), please feel free to contact us on info@nec.nl or by calling to +31 (0)33 433 0131.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

The NEC-team.