26 March 2019

Incoming trade mission/study visit from Georgia

The Netherlands Export Combination (NEC) is assigned, by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) to organize an incoming trade mission / study visit from Georgia to the Netherlands in the agricultural and horticultural sector from 12 to 15 March 2019.

I expected to see high standards and high quality agro sector companies and that was what I gained: new vision, new experiences and great people” – quote of one of the participants. One of the comments of the participants reflex the purpose of this trade mission/study visit exactly.
The delegation consisted of 15 agricultural managers of Agroservice. Each member owns his own agricultural company in Georgia. All of them are member of the collective Agroservice. In total Agroservice consists of about 60 farmers and consultants. The collective distributes among others products & machines in Georgia and provide advice to local farmers.

Georgia is a country with great potential, from tourism to the agro- and horticultural sector. This trade mission/study visit focused on the increase of knowledge in the agro- and horticultural sector. This knowledge is needed to increase the quality of products in Georgia to meet the requirements for export to the European market.

This vision is also for the participants a goal to realize in the future. “I wish Georgia to be as developed as is the Netherlands” – quote of one of the participants.

The delegation was amazed and impressed with the quality of products and materials and collected as much as knowledge and information. This resulted in good discussions among the participants.

During the week in the Netherlands the delegation visited mainly production companies and suppliers. Moreover, the delegation received a presentation at the ministry of agricultural about the Dutch agricultural sector. Also, the delegation was invited at the embassy by the Georgian ambassador. The ambassador has recently taken office in The Hague and is willing to support the Georgian farmers on increasing the quality.

Based on the wishes of the delegation the field visits were selected for the relevant sectors, which resulted into a varied program and considered informative by the delegation. The program consisted of visits to companies specialized in: building greenhouses, greenhouse technologies, machinery for sorting/packing/cooling/storing of vegetables and fruit, potatoes and agricultural machinery.

It is good to notice that the participants set goals for the future based on the experience of this trade mission/study visit. “I obtained lot of useful information during the visits that I will use in my future plans” – quote of one of the participants.

In case you have any questions and/or comments in regards to this trade mission/study visit, please contact Sabrina Pauwels by mail or by phone +31 (0)33-4330131.