8 May 2019

21-25 october: Roadshow Horticulture Peru

Sector opportunities
The Peruvian horticultural sector is a rapidly growing sector and will need “more of everything”. Requirements set by important markets, such as the EU, have a positive influence on improving quality standards, but also increasingly on production methods. The people in Peru are receptive to new, alternative and more sustainable methods for cultivation. With less waste and fewer losses. There is always a need for knowledge and training.

Announcement Roadshow Horticulture Peru

For whom?
The roadshow is interesting for companies in the following subsectors:

  • Stock material
  • Irrigation technology
  • Soil technology
  • Manuring
  • Crop protection
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Food processing technology
  • Laboratory technology
  • Logistics and cold chain management

The maximum number of particpants for this trade mission is 15 (First come, first serve). You can apply via the application form.
For more questions, please contact Steven Smit on 033 433 0131.