29 January 2019

12 – 15 March: Incoming visit Georgia

Apply and present your company from ‚home‘!


A delegation of 15 Agroservice managers will visit the Netherlands to obtain knowledge, suppliers, partners etc. The trade mission is organized by and in cooperation with RVO and the Dutch Embassy.

The delegation seeks suppliers/partners for:

  •           Greenhouse & -technologies
  •           Pesticides
  •           Agro knowledge & technologies
  •           (Revised) machinery & equipment for the primary agricultural sector
  •           (Cold)storage and cooling systems
  •           Agro food & animal food processing

E.g. potatoes, vegetables and fruit

Who is Agroservice?
Agroservice is a non-profit organisation that consists of about 39 establishments in Georgia. Agroservice supports Georgian agricultural organisations with advice and technology. They offer Dutch organisations various  sales channels in the Georgian market; not only through  members of Agroservice, as well as through farms and other agricultural organisations in Georgia.

When can I meet the Georgian delegation?
The delegation would like to meet you and your product in the week of 12-15 March. What better way to present your product than by showing, feeling, smelling or even tasting your product? Please see the profile list that contains an overview of all the managers and their needs.

-> Click here to download the application form

Do you have questions?
Please do not hesitate to contact Sabrina Pauwels (033 433 0131) if you have questions in regards to this trade mission.

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