15 March 2019

9 september: Sahara Agricultural Egypte

9 – 12 September 2019!

The fair will introduce the latest knowhow and technology in the agrisector and is the agriplatform in the region. Investments in the sector are expected to increase to USD 12 billion between 2019-2022.

  • The Sahara is the commercial heart of the agrisector in Egypt.
  • The potatoesector is one of the most important subsectors in the agri sector.
  • Furthermore there are opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and technology.
  • Also a lot of seed potatoes are imported from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and France. In 2018 until October this amount was 120.000 tonnes. There are three harvest seasons: summer (February-May), nili (July-August) and winter (September-November).

For more information about the fair, the sector and the costs + participation at the Holland Pavilion read the flyer

The deadline for application has been set on 1st June 2019, first come first serve

When you participate in the Holland Pavilion, you are eligible for a missionvoucher to the value of a maximum of €1500,-, provided by the Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO). This voucher can only be opted for when participating in the Holland Pavilion, and not when participating in the fair with an individual stand.

Should you have any questions and/or would like to receive further information regarding your sector, the fair, participating in the fair etc. please get in contact with Joost van Dam or via +31 (0)33 433 0131.