15 March 2019

29 September: Orientation mission Japan

Many export opportunities thanks to the new trade agreement!

This trade mission is meant to find out more about the opportunities at hand.

Opportunities in Japan
Japan is the third largest economy in the world with a population of 127 million people. Trade between Europe and Japan has increased significantly, thanks to the 2018 trade agreement . It is expected that the trade agreement can lead to an additional EUR 96 billion of trade between the EU and Japan. It contributes in any case to:

  • Reduced import rates for a wide range of products, making Dutch products more competitive. This makes it easier to sell products in Japan.
  • Reduced rules and regulations for Dutch products. With the trade treaty, the same rules and regulations apply to companies from the Netherlands and Japan.

Organising parties
For the organisation of this trade mission, the NEC collaborates with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Japan as well as with local partners, since they have knowledge about the different sectors and can therefore explain where the opportunities are in those sectors.


When participating in this trade mission it is possible to apply for a mission voucher (when meeting certain conditions) to the value of a maximum of EUR 1.500,-, extended by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). If you would like sign up! or receive further information about this mission voucher, the cost of the mission or the program please read the flyeror get in contact with Steven the Project Manager!