12 March 2019

27th November – Holland Pavilion Growtech

The NEC will organise a Holland Paivlion at the Growtech Eurasia from 27-30 November 2019.

The Growtech Eurasia is the biggest agricultural fair in Eurasia and Turkey and brings together several links in the industry together: from growers to wholesalers and distributers, all in the Turkish heart of the agricultural production and export – Antalya. With over 90.000 visitors from over 130 different countries and approximately 850 exhibitors from over 30 countries, this fair is the suitable fair for your product(s)!

Matchmaking Holland Pavilion 2018

To participate or for further information, please see get in contact with Sabrina Pauwels or Joost van Dam.

Announchment Growtech Eurasia 2019

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