15 maart 2019

21 October: Holland Pavilion Saudi Agriculture

The Saudi Agriculture Exhibition 2019 is the biggest fair in Saudi Arabia, with a focus on the agri sector, poultry sector, aquaculture and sustainable hortitechniques. Would you like to start and/or expand your export to Saudi Arabia and the surrounding region, and woul you like to get a better picture of this rapidly growing market? Take part in the 38th edition of the annual Saudi Agriculture Exhibtion from 21 – 24 October.

Opportunities in the Middle East
There are a lot of opportunities to be found in the agri sector in this region, hence the fact that the agricultural representation at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Riyadh has decided to collaborate once again with the NEC to build a Holland Pavilion at the Saudi Agriculture Exhibition.
The basic facilities for the agricultural sector are present: farming land and cheap labour. However, the technology to add value to products is missing. Exhibiting at the Saudi Agriculture Exhibition offers Dutch companies the opportunity to respond to this increasing demand.

Holland Pavilion
The costs per m2 depend on the desired stand size. A onetime amound of EUR 750,- will be charged for the “Holland” package, which includes extra promotion, network receptions, extra Holland branding, etc. When participating in the Holland Pavilion, you may be able to use a mission voucher worth up to EUR 1.500,-, which is provided by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).






Please read the announcement for more information about the Holland Pavilion, the cost, the fair and the sector.

Participating in the fair?!
If you would like to participate in the Holland Pavilion at this fair, please subscribe via the following button:

Should you have any questions and/or would like to receive further information about this fair, please get in contact with Joost van Dam via +31 (0)33 433 0131.